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Our customers tell us that our combination
of low rates,flexible contracts and exceptional
service makes us the best choice for invoice
factoring services.

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We have been providing invoice
factoring services nationwide for decades
and have clients in hundreds of industries. Including

factoring for Health Care Staffing, Tansportation,
Trucking, Manufacturing, Labor Staffing,
and much more.

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 Unlike other invoice factoring companies,
our program includes the
following features at no additional charge:

• 12-24 hour funding on approved invoices
• Highest advance rates in the industry
• Credit analysis on new and existing customers
• Continuous collection management and follow up on    factored invoices
• Invoice and statement mailing (postage included)
• Account status inquiries anytime;
  24/7 online account access.
• We allow you to electronically submit Invoices
• Free credit checking on new customers at no additional cost

Receivable Financing

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 Invoice Factoring Fee Structures:
Fees are determined based on
your industry, the credit worthiness
of your customers, how quickly
your invoices turn, and
monthly factoring volume.

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More Account Receivable lending Information

Factoring and account receivable lending (ABL) are two types of accounts receivable oriented financing available to both young small wholesale distribution, manufacturing and service companies and more mature larger firms. These two types of non-bank financing have enabled tens of thousands of companies to grow and prosper.

Account Receivable lending is one of the most flexible financing options and the only one that can continually grow with your company. You are not totally limited to pre-approved credit lines, and you do not have to go through a complicated and redundant application process as your business grows

Does a bank loan make more sense for my small business than account receivable lending?

Probably Not. Banks often have restrictive account receivable lending requirements relating to cash flow, profitability, equity, and years in business, which limit them from making loans to many small to mid-sized businesses.


Factoring companies are not in the account receivable lending business and there is really no such thing as “factoring loans.



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says you may be a candidate for factoring loans if your company regularly generates commercial invoices and you could benefit from reducing the time receivables are outstanding. Factoring may provide the cash you need to fund growth or to take advantage of early-payment discounts suppliers offer.

Factoring is a short-term solution; most companies factor for two years or less. says the factor's role is to help clients make the transition to traditional financing.




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In some respects, the factoring loans process is roughly comparable to credit card arrangements;Just as Master Card buys a retailer;s receivables, paying the store as soon as a sale is made, factors do much the same on the wholesale level

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  There are very few things more important to a new, starting small or medium business than cash equity. There are many things that count as equity for example business equipment, cash on hand, line of credit, and even invoices. That's right! Invoices can be a means of equity for almost any business, but getting a working cash flow is usually only possible through recourse or non recourse factoring.

What exactly is non recourse factoring? How does non recourse financing differ from recourse financing? Is non recourse financing right for your blooming business? Let's take a few moments to explore the answers to these fascinating questions.

Factoring is a means of getting a cash advance on payable invoices. Factoring companies hold the payable invoices, and the business gets the much needed cash. When the debtor pays the invoice directly through the financing company, and monies remaining are then given to the business. There is a fee, of course, for this service, and the service has two types of factoring coverage: recourse and non recourse.

Recourse financing translates to what the meaning of recourse actually is in and of itself. When recourse financing is the term of the cash advance on payable invoices, should the debtor of that invoice not pay his or her invoice, the factoring company has "recourse", or the option, to get the monies owed directly from the business receiving the cash advance. Recourse financing means the business is held liable for the future payment of the payable invoice.

On the other hand, non recourse financing is similar but different. With non recourse factoring, should the debtor of the payable invoice not come through on the payment(s), the business is not responsible for the cash advance amount or fee. Instead, in non recourse financing, the financing company is held liable for receiving payment from the payable invoice.

Both types of factoring are popular, and usually, a financing company only does one. However, more and more financing companies are choosing to offer both services to their customers. Since recourse financing is less dangerous for the factoring company than the alternative, factoring companies are choosing both as a viable option for your cash advance needs.


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Accounts Receivables Financing-Cash Flow Breakthroughs

Asset Based Factoring Are You Ready For

Factoring Loans Why Now is the right time to

Receivable Finance That Actually Works

Are You Ready For a Factoring Line of Credit

Commercial Factoring The Ultimate Program That

Are You Ready For Small Business Factoring

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Invoice Factoring  Companies Information

In recent years, businesses have discovered that factoring accounts receivable can combat the ups and owns of unpredictable cash-flow cycles and provide a viable source of working capital when conventional financing is not always an option.Factoring Companies

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Factoring is the practice of purchasing unpaid invoices from a company for a small, face-value discount. Factors-these buyer-give instant cash for what they expect to receive later, and the sellers can increase their cash flow without the usual 15-,30- or 60-day wait for payment.

For years, the bulk of factoring was predominately in the textile, furniture and apparel industries. Today, invoice-purchasing firms are working with all kinds of industries, including manufacturers, service providers, transportation companies and high-tech firms.


The increase is mainly attributed to the credit crunch that began in the late 1980s. as the availability of bank commercial credit tightens, more businesses look toward alternative sources of financing to achieve growth. Factors can help those firms that banks often find difficult to approve, such as start-up companies whose growth outstrips cash. The primary focus in a factoring relationship is the credit-worthiness of the customers being invoiced and the client’s ability to produce a quality product or service.


How it works

Depending on the agreement, businesses can pick and choose which receivables they wish to sell to the factoring company, who immediately advances 90-975 of the face value of the invoices. The balance of the funds, less the discount fee, is released once collections are made.


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    ... decision. How are invoice factoring fees and advance rates ...
    ... volume Average invoice size Average days to payment Fees can range ...
    ... 2-5 % of the invoice's face value. For example if the invoice's ...
    ... For example if the invoice's value is $1,000; a fee of 3% equals $30. ...
  • Building Products Distributor factoring companies
  • Building Products Waterproofing Distributor factoring companies
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  • Factoring is not a loan; it does not create a liability on the balance sheet or encumber assets. It is the sale of an asset - in this case, the invoice. And while factoring is considered one of the most expensive forms of financing, that's not always true. Yes, when you compare the discount rate factors charge against the interest rate banks charge, factoring costs more. But if you can't qualify for a loan, it doesn't matter what the interest rate is. Factors also provide services banks do not: They typically take over a significant portion of the accounting work for their clients, help with credit checks, and generate financial reports to let you know where you stand.
  • The idea that factoring is a last-ditch effort by companies about to go under is another misperception. Wait Plant, regional manager with Altres Financial, a national factoring firm based inSalt Lake City, says the opposite is true: "Most of the businesses we deal with are very much in an upward cycle, going through extremely rapid growth."








    Accounts receivable purchasing is a potential tool for managing a provider organization's working capital needs. But before entering into a financing agreement, organizations need to consider and take steps to avoid serious problems that can arise from participation in an accounts receivable financing program.

    Financing through a securitization of receivables does not create a liability. An asset--the receivables--is sold for cash; no accounts receivable loan has been granted.

    invoice factoring company
    account receivable factoring
    accounts receivable financing

    There are many situations where a accounts receivable purchasing  funding can help a business meet its cash flow needs. It provides a continuing source of operating capital without incurring debt, which can result in growth opportunities that dramatically increase the bottom line. Commercial factoring Virtually any business can benefit from factoring as part of its overall operating philosophy.

    Accounts Receivables Financing-Cash Flow Breakthroughs

    Asset Based Factoring Are You Ready For

    Factoring Loans Why Now is the right time to

    Receivable Finance That Actually Works

    Are You Ready For a Factoring Line of Credit

    Commercial Factoring The Ultimate Program That

    Are You Ready For Small Business Factoring


    Invoice Factoring Company


    Every good businessperson must understand the concept and benefits of factoring in order to operate as profitably as possible. The following chart can help you understand the differences between factoring and other sources of funding.

    Accounts Receivable Purchasing Definition
    buy, purchase -- (obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction;  "The conglomerate acquired a new company"; "She buys for the big department store")
    invoice factoring
    freight factoring
    account receivable factoring

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